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Cardiac Surgery

The Heart Center at the Surana Hospital Malad is the new regional center of excellence for Cardiac Care. When it comes to cardiac surgeries, we are amongst the finest hospital in terms of expert surgeon, high-end equipments, intensive care & post operative care.
The Heart Center at the Surana Hospital attracts thousands of patients, including international patients and performs virtually every type of heart surgery.
Emergency Cardiac Surgery  

Surgeries for treatment of complications caused by the dilatation of the aorta (aortic aneurysm), problems caused by irregular heart beat (arrhythmias - such as atrial fibrillation), heart failure, Marfan syndrome - a genetic disorder that causes cardiovascular abnormalities and other less common conditions are performed extensively at The Heart Center at the Surana Hospital.

ECG (Electrocardiography), Stress Test, Echocardiography (Ultrasound Imaging of the Heart) and Coronary Angiography are some of the tests available for the diagnosis of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease).
Cardiac Catheterization in combination with Angiography is the most accurate diagnostic test available.
Equally effective is Stress Echocardiography – the combination of Echocardiograph with Stress Test Exercises. The accuracy of Stress Echocardiography can be increased by intravenously adding a nuclear agent (Thallium or Cardiolite). Addition of the nuclear agent facilitates nuclear imaging of the blood flow to different regions of the heart. Any area of the heart receiving reduced blood flow during the exercises but receiving regular blood flow when not exercising signifies artery narrowing.