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Understanding the modern need, we at Surana Hospitals offer diagnosis and treatment for various diseases of skin, hair, nail and cosmetic disorders. Therapeutic modalities like Cauterisation, Radio Frequency Cautersation, Glycolic Peeling, TCA & Salicylic acid reeling are available for cosmetic results in various skin problems. We offer affordable plastic surgery. Our panel of Plastic Surgeons is highly skilled in aesthetic cosmetic surgery to restore and enhance the face and body. Our advanced surgical and medical techniques can give your personality a lift with the best plastic surgery in India.

Non Invasive Cosmetic Services include:
  • Fat grafting (techniques to add volume by removal and injection of a patient's fat)
  • Fillers (Example-collagen, fat, filler injections like hyaluronic acid, etc)
  • Botox
  • Chemical Peel (remove the other layer of the skin to make way for a smoother layer)
  • Derma-abrasion (removes damaged skin of the face)