Bones & Joints Care

Replacement Center of Excellence

The Total Joints Replacement Center of Surana Hospital Malad is first of its kind in the western suburbs. The Center serves physicians throughout the Western Suburb; it also provides them with quality training in total joint replacement. To ensure finest service with top standards, the hospital has entered into an affiliation agreement with many corporates, which continually monitors all the Centers of Excellence cases by assigning a secret code to each operation.
Coupled with its extensive surgical expertise, the Center is fully equipped with every possible means to ensure the highest success rates worldwide. It uses the latest and the most extensive range of full or partial artificial joints. These capabilities are made available to ensure the least surgical intervention, with special consideration given to the particular case of each patient. In addition, the Surana Hospital Malad employs an advanced computer-based technology; namely, the Navigation System, to assist in the accurate fitting of artificial joints. A comprehensive support of Rheumatology Services makes it a complete program. Application of Minimal Access Surgery minimizes the extensive drawbacks of surgery, reducing hospital stay, blood transfusion and results in faster recovery.