Pediatric Surgery Care

A child is very different from an adult, Not only mentally but physically too. The brain and body of a child is in a constant flux. Both are constantly developing and therefore, his requirements of nutrition, medicines etc., defer from time to time. An infant is  delicate due to delicate tissues and bones. So, a child requires careful handling. Paediatric surgery was developed as a subspecialty with all these things in mind.
Surana hospital has a team of experienced pediatric surgeons who, along with expert anesthesiologists can handle all types of children-related surgical problems including emergencies as well as planned surgeries. These would range from newborns-born with problem like absence of anal opening, food and windpipe disorder, spinal cord defects, etc, to older children with relative simple problems like hernia, hydrocele, phimosis, undescended testis and more complicated problems like intestinal obstruction, bleeding from GIT, Hirsch rung’s disease etc.
The department has the disinfection and operative for a baby with weight of just 620 grams. The department is equipped to carry out all types of Pediatric endoscopies and laparoscopies. It also has ventilator support system and is fully backed up by Pathology, Radiology and Critical Care Facilities.
Pediatric Cardiologists and Pediatric Anesthesiologists, to provide care and services of highest order is a unique feature of our hospital.