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Swift and Precise Lipoma Removal Treatment at Surana Hospital
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What is Lipoma (लिपोमा)?
A Lipoma (लिपोमा) is a lump of tissue made primarily from fat, this takes a rounded or oval shape and grows just under the skin. A lipoma can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly forms on the upper body, back shoulders or neck. It is usually just benign soft-tissue growth and is not cancerous. In most cases, a lipoma will not cause serious medical issues, but your doctor can advise lipoma treatment or lipoma surgery when required. 
Now undergo an advanced fatty lipoma removal surgery near you in Mumbai by the expert and experienced cosmetic/plastic surgeons

Although there aren’t any life-threatening conditions associated with lipoma, if you leave your fatty lump lipoma untreated and do not undergo a surgical procedure for its removal at a Surana Hospital in Mumbai, it can have the following results:
  • It will continue to grow and cause discomfort
  • Can affect surrounding tissues, blood vessels and nerves
  • Can affect your confidence 
  • Can affect your appearance (eg. facial symmetry)

  • Movable lump
  • Painless 
  • Smaller than 2 inches 
  • Localised 
  • Round shape 

An experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon near you in Mumbai will examine the swelling you have and diagnose the type of lipoma on your body part(s) and will suggest a suitable lipoma removal surgery type. 
  • The doctor will carry out a physical examination 
  • An ultrasound or CT scan may be prescribed by your used doctor for more information. 
  • A biopsy (FNAC or excisional biopsy) may also be advised for confirmation of diagnosis 

The most effective method of removing a lipoma is to opt for a lipoma excision surgery, this procedure is quick and results in the lowest risk of recurrence when performed by the expert and skilled cosmetic/plastic surgeons at premium hospitals near you in Mumbai.
Lipoma Surgeries as performed by the top cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Mumbai can be of two types:
  • Lipoma Excision is the most effective method of treating single lipoma growths and highly successful compared with non-surgical treatments.
  • Liposuction is a procedure used for cases with multiple lipomas and the risk of recurrence is higher with this procedure, compared with a lipoma excision.
Why opt for Lipoma Treatment from Surana Hospital
At Surana Hospital, we deliver rewarding outcomes with compassion. We house the finest surgeons who are skilled in diagnosing and treating each condition with precision. We approach our treatments systematically and back them with cutting-edge technology.
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To aid us in our journey of extending medical care to those in need, our team of medical professionals exhibit their quality-centric expertise in effective treatments. We bring together the finest general surgeons under one roof, making us the best Lipoma Treating Hospital in Mumbai. Our specialists carry out quality-centric practices backed by cutting-edge equipment, ultimately delivering world-class healthcare.
Discover what our patients have to say about their experience.
Excellent Lipoma Treatment at Surana Hospital! The procedure was swift and painless, and the staff ensured I was comfortable throughout. My recovery was smooth, and I am very pleased with the results. 

Arvind Menon

Surana Hospital provided outstanding care for my lipoma treatment. Dr's expertise and the compassionate staff made the whole experience stress-free. The surgery was quick, and the follow-up care was exceptional.

Megha Khurana

Impressed with the Lipoma Treatment at Surana Hospital! team explained every step of the procedure clearly, which helped ease my anxiety. The surgery was efficient, and my recovery was faster than expected.

Nikhil Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

Lipomas typically do not go away on their own and may remain the same size or grow slowly over time.

Lipomas are generally benign and rarely turn cancerous. However, if there are unusual changes, it is essential to consult a doctor.

Surana Hospital offers treatments including surgical removal, liposuction, and injections for lipomas, depending on their size and location.

Recovery time after lipoma removal is usually quick, with most patients resuming normal activities within a few days to a week.

The cost for lipoma treatment at Surana Hospital depends on the treatment method. Consult our expert doctors to know more

Yes, Surana Hospital accepts insurance for lipoma treatment, subject to the terms of your policy.

Yes, Surana Hospital offers EMI and other financing options to make lipoma treatment more affordable.

Surana Hospital has experienced specialists in Mumbai for the treatment of lipomas, known for their expertise and successful outcomes.

Living with lipomas can be manageable as they are usually painless and benign, but they can sometimes cause discomfort or cosmetic concerns, which can be addressed through treatment.