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What are Piles?
Piles (haemorrhoids) are swollen veins that may occur either inside or outside your anal region. Piles occur in the lowermost part of the anus and can cause a considerable amount of pain and discomfort. When the blood vessels of the anal region get enlarged, it leads to stretching of the skin and pain. Piles that can be felt bulging out near the anal opening are termed as external haemorrhoids. 

  • Blood in stools
  • Anal itching & pain
  • Lumps near the anus 
  • Slimy anal discharge
  • Sore skin on the anus

The doctor diagnoses Piles based on the symptoms and physical examination.
  • In the digital rectal examination, the doctor checks the rectum to feel for swollen veins.
  • In Anoscopy the doctor uses an endoscope to view the lining of the anus and rectum.

Piles surgery is also known as haemorrhoid surgery. Haemorrhoids are the swollen vessels inside or around the anus and rectum. This surgery is aimed at removing these swollen
blood vessels that cause severe bleeding, or pain.
Piles surgeries can be of two types :
  • Open surgery which is painful
  • Laser surgery which is safe and includes a painless procedure
Why opt for Piles Treatment from Surana Hospital?
At Surana Hospital, we deliver rewarding outcomes with compassion. We house the finest vascular surgeons who are skilled in diagnosing and treating each condition with precision. We approach our treatments systematically and back them with cutting-edge technology.
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Our commitment to your well-being is boundless.
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To aid us in our journey of extending medical care to those in need, our team of medical professionals exhibit their quality-centric expertise in effective treatments. We bring together the finest orthopaedic surgeons under one roof, making us the best Piles treatment hospital in Mumbai. Our specialists carry out quality-centric practices backed by cutting-edge equipment, ultimately delivering world-class healthcare.
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I thank Surana Hospital for making the surgery procedure so easy, and taking all my tension away. They handled my Piles operation very successfully and even managed all the hectic paperwork procedures. Also, my package included consultation-after-surgery, so that gave me big assurance.

Sonia Vaidya

I got a consultation with a great doctor whom I would not have found otherwise. Experienced doctors handled my Piles operation with utmost care as I faced a critical condition.  

Bhavna Khatri

I was hesitant about piles treatment at first, but the staff at Surana Hospital made me feel at ease right away. The treatment was quick and effective, and I'm glad I chose Surana Hospital.

Swapnesh Ghogale

Mera piles treatment Surana Hospital mein bilkul stress-free raha Pain relief almost immediate tha aur post-op care excellent thi. Main results se bahut khush hoon!

Rakesh Verma

Mild cases of piles can sometimes resolve on their own with home treatment, but persistent or severe cases may require medical intervention.

Risks and complications of piles include pain, bleeding, anemia, infection, and in severe cases, prolapse or thrombosis.

You should see a doctor if you experience persistent pain, bleeding, or if over-the-counter treatments are not effective.

Surana Hospital offers a range of treatments for piles, including medication, non-surgical procedures, and surgical options.

Recovery time varies depending on the treatment; non-surgical treatments usually have a quick recovery, while surgical treatments may take a few weeks.

To prevent piles, maintain a high-fiber diet, stay hydrated, avoid straining during bowel movements, and exercise regularly.

The average cost for piles treatment at Surana Hospital depends on type of treatment

Yes, Surana Hospital accepts insurance for piles treatment, subject to the terms of your policy.

Surana Hospital has some of the top specialists in Mumbai for the treatment of piles, known for their expertise and patient care.